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Ready in 48hrs

Our memorial plaques are extremely durable, we have engraved memorials on many different materials but the most popular and without a doubt best material for plaques is always 316 marine grade stainless steel.

We can cut our plaques to any size & shape required!

Our design team are extremely experienced and can provide advice on anything related to memorial plaques

All our plaques are ready for pick up 48 hours after the artwork confirmation and we offer express postage Australia wide with Aramex & AusPost

Installation Pack

Our life-time warranty!


C02 Memorial Plaque

On the left is an example of a memorial plaque laser engraved with a CO2 laser with a spray called Cermark. We find that this lasts a FAR shorter duration than fiber laser engraving which doesn't require a spray and actually "etches" into the stainless steel.

On the right is an example of a fiber laser engraved plaque. This process in manufacturing adds a great deal of resilience to the elements and allows us to offer a full life time warranty on the wording of any memorial plaque as we are confident that 316 marine grade steel being fiber laser engraved will last for over a lifetime.

Fibre Memorial Plaque

Fiber laser engraving and CO2 laser engraving are two different methods of laser engraving, which is a process used to etch or mark a surface with a high-powered laser beam.

Fiber laser engraving uses a fiber laser to create the laser beam, which is then focused onto the surface to be engraved. This method is typically used for engraving metals and other hard materials, and is known for its high precision and ability to produce fine details.

CO2 laser engraving, on the other hand, uses a CO2 laser to generate the laser beam. This method is often used for engraving a wider range of materials, including plastics, woods, and even certain types of glass. CO2 laser engraving is known for its versatility and ability to engrave materials that may not be suitable for fiber laser engraving.

Overall, the choice between fiber laser engraving and CO2 laser engraving depends on the specific material being engraved and the desired outcome. Fiber laser engraving is typically more precise and suitable for engraving metals, while CO2 laser engraving is more versatile and suitable for a wider range of materials.

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