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We offer a service in which we provide extreme high resolution digital images from medium image format photographs with a top of the line Imacon drum scanner(as pictured).

The Imacon drum scanners have been available on the market for some time and their ability for clean hassel free and high resolution scanning of film has made the old oil mounting drum scanners obsolete.

When selecting someone to scan your film why go anywhere else other than to someone who is in the industry. All my images on this website have been scanned by me and my Imacon 343.

When I got my system I painstakenly re scanned all my work that I had done by other labs, even those who had their own Imacons. My rescanned images had better colour depth and tones.

My scans are super clean without the use of dust removal software that tend to also try and remove items in your shot that it thinks is dust when it is really part of the image.

I scan film for other professionals in the field, but my own work is my best reference for the type of quality and results you can expect from my scanning.

Please contact us if you were at all interested!

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